The Top 3 Creamy E-Liquids

Here at Liquid Allsorts, we believe that the world might be a better place if all of the angry people would just lighten up and drink a great big glass of sweet cream. As we were preparing to write that proposal, though, our lawyers reminded us that cream isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world. Oh, well. If you’re watching your waistline, the good news is that vaping makes it possible to experience a delicious creamy flavour any time you like without the resulting caloric intake. Is your mouth watering yet? These are the 3 best creamy e-liquids on the market.

Cream Tea by Cornish Liquids

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While it may have fallen out of favour among the health conscious, we think that the classic cream tea is due for a comeback – in e-liquid form. With notes of sweet jam and clotted cream layered over a rich scone flavour, Cream Tea by Cornish Liquids has it all.

Custard Cream by TYV

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Custard is one of the most popular flavour notes among e-liquid connoisseurs. Custard has the ideal combination of sweet and savoury notes, and people find that they can vape custard e-liquids all day without the flavour becoming overly cloying. Custard Cream by TYV ups the ante by pairing a rich, eggy custard flavour with a sweet dairy cream note. Can’t decide between a custard e-liquid and a creamy e-liquid? Now you can have both.

Bavarian by Bad Boy

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Liquid cream is delicious on its own, but it becomes something magical when it’s whipped and put in a piping bag. Bavarian by Bad Boy captures that magic by delivering the flavour of a freshly baked pastry filled with light, airy whipped cream and rich vanilla custard. The final note you’ll taste with this e-liquid is a sweet sugar glaze on the exhale. We guarantee that you’ll want more within 30 seconds.